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Celebrate your special occasion with our Bespoke Minion Cake, a delicious and playful dessert that will bring smiles and joy to all who see it. Indulge in a memorable dessert experience that will leave a lasting impression on both the eyes and taste buds, taking your celebration to a whole new level of fun and excitement.

Minimum order of $100 required




How do I add a name and age to a Boutique Cake?

Once you have made your selections and added the cake to your cart you can mention the name and age in the “Add order notes” section in the cart. Please note that names and ages can only be added to cakes that are displayed with those features in the photos on our website. Browse our selection to find the perfect cake design that accommodates personalization with names and ages.

Will the cake be the exact same as the photo?

Our skilled artisans handcraft each cake to perfection, resulting in a unique and personalized masterpiece that you'll love. While this means that cakes may sometimes differ slightly from the website photos, rest assured, it only adds to their charm.

Our flower decorations vary slightly by season and availability, but we always choose the freshest and most beautiful blooms to maintain the high quality and aesthetic you expect.

Can I make any other changes to a Boutique Cake?

Please note that our boutique cakes are pre-designed and cannot be altered. However, we'd be delighted to create a bespoke cake tailored to your preferences and design ideas! Let's work together to craft the perfect cake for your special occasion.

Can I make my order a gift?

Of course! If your order is a gift you can leave a personalized message for the recipient in the 'Is this a gift?' box at checkout. Make their day extra special with your thoughtful words!


Is Shipping Free?

We're excited to announce that we offer free delivery to all postal codes starting with M! If you live in Mississauga, we charge a delivery fee of $10. If you're located outside of these areas, the delivery fee will vary based on your location at checkout.

How far in advance do I need to order a cake for delivery?

We recommend placing your order 2 weeks in advance to ensure availability and timely delivery. However, we also accommodate orders placed 48 hours in advance based on availability.


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